Building & Keeping Your Executive Team: How to Recruit and Retain Senior Executives for Your Startup or Early Stage Company

By Robert Adelson on 9 July 22   Executive Employment,Startups

Startups and early stage companies often encounter difficulty recruiting an A-level senior executive. They often cannot pay top dollar and are willing to try something different to recruit that ideal man or woman to fill the pressing need in their organization. In that time of need, the company hires me, as one who knows what executives seek to devise a strategy and documents to get the best executive at the least cost and within the company budget. For a startup or early stage company, it is executive recruitment on a shoestring.

In this presentation, given on May 17, 2022 for Boston Entrepreneurs’ Network, where I was one of three invited speakers for the evening’s webinar on “Recruiting Board Members and Senior Executives,” I discuss such issues as

  • Tax favored equity structure

  • Reasonable equity rights

  • Reasonable termination protections

Between the revolutionary terms I suggest,  and our explanation and “sell” to the executive recruit, I have had a high success rate.   Although we are often significantly outbid on the dollar figure, I often get my target man or woman for my company client.

Video Recording of My Presentation

Presentation slides (download here )

It is my hope that this presentation will be of benefit to CEOs and Company founders who are having difficulty in recruiting a high caliber C-level and senior executive for a role key to growth, and might want to think out of the box….  Feel free to share these slides.  If you or any colleague of yours has a need in this area, please do reach out to me.