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Phantom Stock as Executive Compensation for Family Businesses

By Robert Adelson on 4 September 21   Executive Employment

This article was published in Ivy Exec in September, 2021. Whether you are a C-level executive, a VP or senior executive, or even a director rising in the company, your executive compensation package should always have two components. The first component is your cash compensation – fixed: your base salary; and variable: your executive bonus based on performance. […]

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Duty of “Good Faith and Fair Dealing” Ensures Your Executive Compensation is not Taken Away from You

By Robert Adelson on 3 September 21   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World on September 2, 2021. Have you been cheated out of a benefit you earned on the job?  Was your job terminated for no good reason when you were on the eve of making a big score?  Do you think you were fired just so the company could keep the money or […]

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Executive Stock Options, Restricted Shares and Restricted Stock Units – What’s Best for You

By Robert Adelson on 5 August 21   Executive Employment

This article was published in Ivy Exec on August , 2021. For most CEOs,  C-suite and senior executives, and even for many directors and mid-level executives, a major part of executive compensation negotiations concerns the level, tax structuring and terms of equity compensation. This article discusses key things to look for in your equity package, among the four […]

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Using Career Advancement Covenants to Safeguard Non-Financial Executive Pay

By Robert Adelson on 28 May 21   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World on May 26, 2021. Suppose you have gone as far as you can in your present company and you are on the lookout for a more challenging executive role. An executive job offer came along and you are tempted by the opportunity, but you are in two minds because the salary […]

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Don’t Let Disparagement or Defamation Blackball Your Executive Career Prospects

By Robert Adelson on 1 May 21   Executive Employment

By Robert A. Adelson. This article was published in CEO World Magazine on April 27, 2021. Generally, executive employment separations negotiations focus on how much severance will be paid.  After all, with employment termination, the executive will be between positions.  This could be a long time or short time, but that gap in employment can mean economic hardship […]

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Don’t Let Misalignment in Executive Compensation Create Your Own “Black Sox Scandal”

By Robert Adelson on 2 April 21   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World on March 31, 2021. In many companies, executive compensation is determined or negotiated according to an established compensation structure that is derived from their talent acquisition and retention strategy which in turn is driven by their business goals. Typically, a company would identify key growth indicators and ensure that each key […]

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Negotiating a Custom CEO or C-level Executive Compensation Package

By Robert Adelson on 7 November 20   Executive Employment

This article was publish in CEO World magazine on November 5, 2020. I am often asked – what starting salary, what bonus, what equity amount should I seek in my CEO or C-level executive compensation package? There are companies that do executive compensation surveys and recruiters often have access to those statistics. But what if you […]

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Working Remotely as a C-level Executive – Opportunities and Considerations

By Robert Adelson on 3 October 20   Executive Employment,Startups

This article was publish in CEO World magazine on October 2, 2020. Over the past decade, more and more business has been conducted remotely and that trend has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. While the pandemic has done much harm to many businesses and the careers of CEOs and C-level executives in those […]

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Achieving Zero Taxation on Sale of Your Startup Equity

By Robert Adelson on 5 September 20   Executive Employment,Startups

This article was published in CEO World on September 3, 2020. Are you a founder, a C-level or senior executive recruit, or angel investor of a startup life sciences company, a startup tech company, or a startup e-commerce or other high growth company? If so, did you know that if your startup is properly structured and you […]

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Triggering Executive Severance to Protect Your Interests in Case of COVID-19 or other Changed Circumstances

By Robert Adelson on 29 May 20   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World on May 27, 2020. We are in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime kind of crisis that is unexpected and unprecedented. So many businesses that had been thriving in a robust economy as recently as January and February 2020, were shut down almost on a moment’s notice and remained […]

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