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CFO Employment Contract: Terms And Negotiations

By Robert Adelson on 14 September 19   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEOWorld Magazine on September 7, 2019. The demand for chief financial officer (CFO) is as high as ever. If you are a CFO or a seasoned financial executive, you may find many attractive opportunities coming your way. Before you leave what you have and take up a new position, you […]

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Negotiating Your COO Employment Agreement

By Robert Adelson on 1 June 19   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEOWorld Magazine on May 28, 2019. Unlike CEOs and CFOs, not every company has a Chief Operating Officer, and not every COO has the same responsibilities, span of control, decision rights, and position in the reporting structure. There is not a standard job description for COOs. Therefore, should you be […]

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From Founder-CEO to CTO or CSO: Key Protections in Succession Planning When You Face the Founder’s Dilemma

By Robert Adelson on 30 March 19   Executive Employment,Startups

This article was published in CEOWorld Magazine on March 27, 2019. Are you the founder or co-founder of a successful startup in tech, e-commerce, life science or other areas of the innovation economy? Chances are that at some point, you may become a victim of your own success.  You may be asked and even pressured […]

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Negotiating Your New CSO or CTO Employment Agreement

By Robert Adelson on 1 February 19   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World Magazine on January 28, 2019. Congratulations! You have received a job offer as Chief Technology Officer or Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of a software, robotics, e-commerce or other technology-based company or a Chief Scientific Officer or Chief Medical Officer (CSO) of a biotechnology, medical device, healthcare or other […]

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Essential Employment Contract Terms for Medical Device and Biotechnology Executives

By Robert Adelson on 2 January 19   Executive Employment

This article was published in CEO World Magazine on December 29, 2018. The medical device and biotechnology industries are fast growing and so is their demand for CEOs, C-suite and senior executives, with ever rising compensation being awarded to those in demand. If you are an executive in this industry or aspiring to become one, […]

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New Massachusetts Law Restricts Non-Compete Agreements

By Robert Adelson on 8 September 18   Executive Employment,Massachusetts Employment Law

Massachusetts has adopted legislation that restricts and regulates non-compete agreements for employees and independent contractors working in Massachusetts.  The legislation signed by Governor Charlie Baker on August 10, 2018, takes effect for contracts entered into on and after October 1, 2018. The biggest change made by the new law is that it prohibits the enforcement […]

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Structuring Bonuses in Your CEO Compensation for Maximum Benefit

By Robert Adelson on 1 June 18   Executive Employment

When CEOs and senior executives consider new job offers, executive compensation negotiations often focus on the base salary.  Yet an equal and often greater portion of your cash compensation may come from your bonus.  There is often far greater latitude and room for negotiation over bonuses. This article discusses the usage of different types of bonuses based […]

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Consulting Between CEO Positions

By Robert Adelson on 29 March 18   Consultants,Executive Employment

CEOs and senior executives often find themselves in between jobs for various reasons. If this describes you, then you may be wondering what the best game plan would be for the time you spend between positions. One very useful idea that can be tailored to any situation is to try your hand at executive consulting.  […]

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Knowledge and Experience Counts When it Comes to Negotiating Restricted Stock Units

By Robert Adelson on 29 April 15   Executive Employment

Boston MA, April 29, 2015 —Attorney Robert A. Adelson (www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/) is an expert negotiator when it comes to executive compensation. A key component of these negotiations are often restricted stock units, commonly referred to as RSU stock, or simply restricted stock. RSU stock is a valuable asset for prospective hires who want a piece of […]

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Joining a Board of Directors

By Robert Adelson on 20 March 15   Executive Employment
Executive Employment and Business Attorney

Joining a board of directors as an executive can be rewarding, yet has its pitfalls. Boston Executive employment attorney Robert Adelson serves the role of an employment advisor to help executives weigh the costs and benefits of joining a board, as well as negotiates their compensation package. The many benefits of joining a board include […]

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