How to Fund Your Company

By Robert Adelson on 29 July 19   Startups

How to Fund Your Company By Robert A. Adelson This article was published in The CEO Refresher on June 15, 2018. Having an investor for your start-up company can provide you access to capital, business development and sales assistance, as well as organizational evolution. The expertise a seasoned investor brings can help a company go […]

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From Founder-CEO to CTO or CSO: Key Protections in Succession Planning When You Face the Founder’s Dilemma

By Robert Adelson on 30 March 19   Executive Employment,Startups

This article was published in CEOWorld Magazine on March 27, 2019. Are you the founder or co-founder of a successful startup in tech, e-commerce, life science or other areas of the innovation economy? Chances are that at some point, you may become a victim of your own success.  You may be asked and even pressured […]

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Structuring and Allocating Equity for Startup Success

By Robert Adelson on 9 August 18   Startups

Choice of entity, equity allocation can put a firm on sound footing Are you one of the founders of a startup company? Has your startup formed a legal entity? Have you divided your equity among the founders? If you or a friend or colleague is in this situation, you may also ask – what is the […]

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Co-Founders and the Core Team

By Robert Adelson on 2 November 17   Startups

Finding the Right Co-Founder, Allocating Equity and Key Founder Protections You Need How do you successfully found a technology-based company in tech, life sciences or the consumer space?   A good place  to start is to make your first sale – to a co-founder.   If your idea for a product or service and a new company […]

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Finding a co-founder or recruiting a core team

By Robert Adelson on 17 April 15   Startups

Finding a co-founder or recruiting a core team is hard work. It is a long, dragged out process and you have the right to be picky and should be picky. Ultimately, choosing a co-founder is like choosing a spouse. A business partnership truly is a marriage. You will have to make compromises when it comes […]

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