Employment Compensation Attorney Negotiates Severance Package for COO

By Robert Adelson on 20 November 14   Executive Employment

Boston MA, November 20, 2014 —Attorney Robert A. Adelson (www.executiveemploymentattorney.com/) is an accomplished executive employment compensation attorney in the Boston area. He notes that negotiating employment compensation as well as termination and severance packages are factors that every executive employee needs to be prepared to deal with. Robert Adelson makes sure that his clients are able to voice their wants and needs about negotiating employment compensation while also allowing them a comfortable exit for the future. Attorney Adelson is an expert at negotiating severance so his clients are able to enjoy a lucrative farewell.

“A client might initially be happy with their severance package, said Attorney Adelson. “But, over the years, things change and an executive may feel he or she is worth more to an organization,” he explained. “It’s my job to make that known and then negotiate for a better exit, should the time ever arrive,”he said.

Attorney Adelson recalls the time he worked with the COO of a Texas software company to negotiate a better severance package. “As part of negotiating employment compensation. I negotiated for my client to have a longer period of post employment termination severance. He also got bonuses within the severance and I negotiated language that allowed the COO to terminate for good reason, which, in turn would engage the severance terms.

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