While executives have varying degrees of leverage when approaching a new opportunity or revisiting an existing position, each one has these things in common: a highly valuable set of skills, an employer with business to be done, a good sense of his or her personal needs — and a situation with the potential for negotiation. As a Boston executive employment lawyer with more than 25 years of relevant experience, I can help you secure the best possible arrangements or update your current arrangements.

Skilled Legal Representation in All Executive Employment Matters

I provide dedicated representation in all areas that affect executives, including

I have represented C-Level and senior executives working for companies in Massachusetts, elsewhere in New England and across the country, and I am available to answer all of your important questions. Contact me, an attorney for executive employment law, at rob@attorneyadelson.com or call 617-875-8665.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

As one of the top employment law attorneys in Massachusetts, I can help you achieve your goals through one of three types of engagement:

An advisory role, providing critical insights when you need them: In more delicate situations, or when discussions or offers are at a preliminary stage, I can provide timely advice on critical matters of compensation, equity, employment rights and tax positioning. Often, this means that you send me your agreement, offer letter or term sheet for review and I give you my feedback. My analysis of your agreement or situation will usually boil down to two things — what concerns you should have about what’s in your document and what things are missing that you need for your benefit.

Negotiation and facilitation, getting you the best possible deal: In this role, I negotiate with your employer on your behalf, working to secure the terms you want while maintaining good relations between you and the company. My involvement in the process can enable you to distance yourself on more sensitive issues, allowing me to ask the tough questions you may not want to ask directly. I can take the heat while you keep your edge and avoid any unpleasant interactions. I will work hard to maintain your position but also to never lose a potential deal, making sure no business opportunity is wasted.

An integrated role, guidance that yields results: In an integrated role, I start out behind the scenes, providing guidance on issues and reviewing initial term sheets and other documents. As negotiations begin, I take a more active role, revising and generating contract terms and drafts that form the basis of your employment relationship and, as always, championing your interests above all else.

I am committed to representing your interests tactfully and decisively. I welcome your questions. Contact me, your employment law attorney at rob@attorneyadelson.com or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.

Robert Adelson, Esq., Executive Employment Attorney

Robert Adelson has been a corporate, tax and employment law attorney since 1977. He graduated Northwestern Law School in Chicago, Law Review, and holds an LL.M. degree in Taxation from NYU. He began as an associate at nationally prominent New York City “mega” law firms, Dewey Ballantine and Weil Gotshal & Manges. For over 20 years, Adelson has been a partner in small and medium sized Boston law firms, representing CEOs and senior executives on employment, equity and separation matters.