Family businesses involve a confluence of two powerful and complicated things — families and businesses — than can produce excellent commercial results and unique personal challenges. While some of the world’s most successful, long-standing and influential ventures are family-run, maintaining the long-term health of your business calls for skilled legal assistance.

As a Boston family business attorney, I provide a variety of legal services special to family businesses, including counsel on succession planning, from one generation to the next, family councils and corporate governance, employer and employee relations, phantom stock plans and arrangements to recruit and retain non-family members, preparing the business for sale as an alternative approach to succession planning. Contact me, a Massachusetts family business lawyer, at or call 617-875-8665.

Getting It Done Right: Business Succession Planning

If you have worked hard to build your family business, you are probably concerned about its continued success after you retire. As part of my business succession planning services, I facilitate three basic types of family business transition:

  • Moving your assets to the next generation in a smooth manner, which involves a combination of business, tax and estate planning
  • Helping with internal succession to a non-family employee or employee group within the company
  • Preparing your company for sale to an outside entity on the most favorable terms if no suitable family member or no other internal succession is available

Stabilizing Your Core: Resolution of Family Disagreements

Since family businesses can be complex in their blend of commercial and personal elements, disagreements are common. When discord occurs within a family, I can mediate and otherwise promote health communication among family members regarding the business. In addition to the more than 25 years of relevant experience that I bring as a lawyer and negotiator, I can bring in specialists with expertise in family counseling and psychology to help resolve more difficult conflicts.

Outside Talent: The Strategic Augmentation of Family Resources

I can assist you in developing plans that aid you in the hiring of non-family members to help run and grow your family business. In many cases, I help businesses attract top talent with the use of attractive compensation alternatives like phantom stock, which can offer similar financial benefits to traditional equity but does not transfer actual ownership outside of the family circle.

Contact a Massachusetts Business Succession Planning Attorney

For help with business succession and other issues faced by family-owned companies, speak with me. Contact me, a Boston family business lawyer, at or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.

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