Knowledge and Experience Counts When it Comes to Negotiating Restricted Stock Units

By Robert Adelson on 29 April 15   Executive Employment

Boston MA, April 29, 2015 —Attorney Robert A. Adelson ( is an expert negotiator when it comes to executive compensation. A key component of these negotiations are often restricted stock units, commonly referred to as RSU stock, or simply restricted stock.

RSU stock is a valuable asset for prospective hires who want a piece of the company, as well as venture capitalists trying to hire or retain technical talent, particularly in biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

“Big talent want’s big money,” said attorney Adelson, “In startups, however, money is sometimes tough to come by. VCs know that hiring the right big talent will help them grow and make more money.”

According to Attorney Adelson, by offering restricted stock units, employers can offer prized employees equity value in the company. This helps keep them from moving for greater pay. Likewise, an equity-based signing bonus in the form of restricted stock is a creative way to bring an executive on board without spending huge amounts of cash.

“RSU stock can lower tax costs. Negotiating the vesting of the stock correctly can also go far in helping retain the employee over time,” Attorney Adelson said.

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