As a C-Suite executive, you may have achieved much success during your career, but there may come a time when your employer wants you out – perhaps a new CEO wants to bring in his own team, or your race, gender or age doesn’t fit the company culture, or it’s simply office politics. If you have been terminated or are facing termination for reasons you consider unfair or subjected to working conditions you consider unacceptable, you may wish to seek representation by a lawyer for wrongful termination.

Why? Simply accepting your termination has consequences. In the absence of a law requiring payment at the time of your termination, you are not entitled to severance pay. Allowing a wrongful termination to stand can impact your reputation and you may not be able to get unemployment benefits.

Depending on the particular circumstances surrounding your dismissal, certain damages may be available to the senior C-suite executive:

  • Lost salary and benefits, and continuation during the appropriate severance period
  • Earned but unpaid bonus or prorated bonus or long term incentive
  • Vesting of equity or replacement of lost equity, whether options, restrictive stock or RSUs
  • Reimbursement of key expenses incurred in reliance on the job – for example loss on the sale of a home purchased for relocation
  • Damages for pain and suffering to compensate for the toll the discharge had on your mental, emotional and/or physical health.
  • Punitive damages in egregious situations
  • Attorneys’ fees and court costs
  • Outplacement assistance.

A skilled attorney for wrongful termination can put your case to your employer about the scope of your grievances and the potential liability of your employer if you were to bring suit. A settlement can be negotiated and you may get a separation agreement that properly compensates you for the termination and the employer would receive back a release from all further claims from you.

If you believe you are wrongfully terminated, you must act to preserve your interests and protect your rights. Contact Robert Adelson, lawyer for wrongful termination, at to ascertain the remedies that may be available to you.