Multiple Payout for Client During Change of Control

By Robert Adelson on 24 February 15   Executive Employment

Boston MA, February 24, 2015 —Attorney Robert A. Adelson ( is one of the top employment lawyers Boston. During his thirty years as an attorney, Adelson has acquired the unique expertise to negotiate transaction for many of the top C-level executives in the country, as well as presidents, vice-presidents and other senior executives.

As part of a change of control settlement during the acquisition of a North East high-tech firm, attorney, Robert Adelson, was able to secure more than double the compensation, for a C-Level executive in the acquired company. The amount exceeded $600,000 in additional executive compensation.

During this same transaction, which occurred earlier in 2014, Attorney Adelson identified potential excise tax liability for over $400,000 in potential “golden parachutes income” triggered by the change of control. To prevent his client from having to pay the 20% excise attorney Adelson structured the transaction so there would be no excess liability tax exposure. He also doubled his client’s stock options with the company acquiring the high-tech firm.

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