Helping Executives Capitalize on Opportunities

As an executive employment attorney, I focus my practice on working for the benefit of CEOs, other C-Level and senior executives and other business leaders. Whether you are an executive in a Fortune 500 company, or a C-Level or a senior executive at a smaller, private company, I can tap into my more than 25 years of experience in the field to help ensure that your hard work and achievements are rewarded while ensuring your career is protected.

Executive employment issues, stock, compensation or wrongful termination are too important to be left to a general practitioner or less experienced legal counsel. Contact me, a Massachusetts executive employment lawyer, at rob@attorneyadelson.com or call 617-875-8665.

Though my office is in Boston, I represent clients not only in Massachusetts and New England but around the United States. See, for example, some of my representative cases where I have represented executives in New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Illinois and North Carolina.

Dedicated Representation in a Wide Range of Executive Employment Matters

I am committed to providing dedicated representation in a wide range of employment matters faced by C-Level executives, senior executives and key employees, including:

Employment agreements: I work with clients to negotiate job offers, term sheets and employment contracts to develop sound employment agreements designed to help protect them from future potential legal problems.

Executive representation: I help advise and represent senior executives, working to develop and implement strategies that further their short-term interests and long-term career goals.

Compensation and bonuses: I aid my clients in securing the strongest possible compensation for their efforts, helping them negotiate core employment agreements that fully reflect the professional value they bring to the table.

Employee equity: With deep experience in the structuring and negotiation of employee equity agreements, I can help you maximize your equity opportunity — and your ability to utilize that equity through focused and effective tax planning.

Severance and termination: I help my clients prepare for the unexpected and worst-case scenarios, assisting in the review and negotiation of severance and separation agreements, including representing clients in cases of wrongful termination when they arise.

Retention and change of control: I assist executives in making arrangements that enable them to share in the benefits of their achievements, and receive proper tax and contract protections when corporate changes occur. Specifically, I provide important advice and representation on retention and change of control agreements.

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements: I represent and advise clients in matters related to non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, enabling them to maintain their employability and avoid harmful setbacks to their careers.

Questions About Massachusetts Employment Law for Executives? Contact Me.

I provide representation and authoritative advice to CEOs, other C-level executives and other senior executives. Contact me, an executive employment lawyer, at rob@attorneyadelson.com or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.