Leveraging Your Competencies. Maximizing Your Yield.

Consultative engagements can be professionally fulfilling and lucrative when developed properly. As a Boston attorney for consultants, I advise and represent professionals in marketing, biotechnology, product development, engineering and other disciplines, including executives who have moved into executive consultant roles.

If your goal is to leverage your special expertise in a solo, small business or corporate context, I can help you set yourself up for success. Contact me, a Boston employment lawyer, at or call 617-875-8665.

Limiting Your Liability. Empowering You to Succeed.

As an attorney with formidable legal skill and complex tax knowledge that is useful to consultants, I can help you further your interests and mitigate risks with regard to:

  • Incorporations and formation of limited liability entities — limiting your exposure contractually and creating entities to protect your personal assets
  • Client agreements and work order forms that confirm and limit your obligations, protect your rights and assure timely payment
  • Subcontract agreements — sharing opportunities with other consultants while protecting your primacy in having secured the client
  • Compensation agreements, including alternative forms of compensation, negotiating special terms for consultants, such as payment in client stock or stock options as a form of your compensation
  • Software development agreements, licensing arrangements and other commercial contracts
  • Trademarks, trade secret and intellectual property protection

For Help With Client Contracts, Subcontractor Agreements, Trademarks and Other Consultant Matters, Contact the Attorney for Consultants

With more than 25 years of relevant experience, I provide advice and representation to consultants, contractors and special service providers. Contact me, a Massachusetts attorney for consultants, at or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.