Executive Employment Cases

In the last 20+ years, I have represented CEOs and other senior executives on employment, executive compensation, equity and separation matters. The following are some examples:

Negotiating Job Offers and Employment Agreements

  1. CEO of New York advertising agency
  2. CEO of New Jersey pharmaceutical company
  3. Senior Vice President of Massachusetts financial institution

Representative Cases

Negotiating Equity Compensation

  1. CSO of Massachusetts biotech company
  2. Vice President of Sales, Florida telecommunications company
  3. CTO of North Carolina software company

Severance Terms & Termination

  1. COO of Texas software company
  2. CMO of Illinois national retailer
  3. COO of Massachusetts laboratory services company

Non-Compete Agreements

  1. Senior Vice President of Massachusetts financial institution

Change of Control Agreement

  1. CEO of Massachusetts product manufacturer

Gender Discrimination & Non-Disparagement Settlement Agreement

  1. Subsidiary President of Pennsylvania medical device company

Pre-IPO Retention Agreement

  1. SVP – Development of California biotechnology company