Chief Financial Officer of Massachusetts high technology company employment agreement and equity arrangements

As a Boston executive employment lawyer, I have helped various executives at various companies throughout the United States negotiate for the employment agreements and equity arrangements that they deserve. This particular example highlights some of the things that I was able to achieve for the CFO of a Massachusetts high technology company:

Confirmation of CFO’s responsibility as key figure in pre-IPO planning, SEC compliance and inclusion of CFO’s role in selection of outside accounting firm and outside law firm and selection of underwriters, reporting to CEO and Board.

  • Issuance of restricted stock equal to negotiated percentage of all outstanding shares for company, with 83(b) election and stock appreciation rights equal to 80% of compensation deduction taken by company with election made.
  • Negotiation of stockholder rights agreement with piggy back registration rights, information rights and cash-out (put) rights for all shares acquired.

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