As a Boston executive employment attorney, working with the trial attorneys in my law firm, we have successfully brought cases for executives and employees who were the victims of wrongful termination of employment, breach of contract and breach of the duty of fair dealing. In such cases, I have worked with the client to develop the claims to be made, then seek resolution with the employer, through correspondence and negotiations. Where such resolution fails to produce satisfactory results, under appropriate circumstances, we have brought litigation against the employer, which on many occasions have achieved satisfactory results for the client. One such representative case involved a Chief Operating Officer at a Massachusetts laboratory services company.

Succeeded with Equity Claim based on Implied Contract

We succeeded in gaining the cash value of a significant portion of the equity claimed, though the company at first denied the merits of any such claim. However, even though the promised of equity was oral, we were able to develop the claim based on facts and circumstances we uncovered including the client’s reliance on that promise, which made a sufficiently compelling claim of implied contract to yield a financial result favorable to my client.

Succeeded with Claims for Profits Distributions

Also based in part on the claims of implied contract and reliance and past practices of the employer, we also successfully developed claims for past distributions of profits by employer which were due to our client based on our client’s interests in the company.

Gained severance from Wrongful Termination Claim

We also asserted wrongful termination based on elements of an age discrimination present in other facts of the case. Though these claims were limited by employee’s expected damages from loss of work, these claims also yielded financial benefit in the final settlement reached after a number of months of litigation.

Further Information

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