As a Boston executive employment attorney, I have helped many clients negotiate severance terms and separation agreements. In such cases, I have often developed and asserted the appropriate claims for wrongful termination where present. In other cases, I have made further claims based on special contributions and value conferred to employer and/or past practices at the company. One such representative case involved a senior vice president at a Massachusetts financial institution.

Extended retention period, achieved favorable severance multiple: We succeeded in negotiating a retention of the executive for several months to the mutual benefit of the parties, financially and professionally, and were successful in further negotiations to achieve a severance multiple in line with industry standards significantly higher than what was originally offered by the financial institution employer.

Gain prorated bonus and long term incentive: Although not originally offered, we were able to include a bonus payment obligation to the same extent bonuses would be paid the executive team, prorated for the period of performance, and payment of a prorated amount to the executive under the company’s long term incentive (LTI) plan.

Limited non-compete, gained key non-disparagement protections: We succeeded in limiting the non-compete in duration and coverage, with the coverage of both non-compete and non-solicitation to most recent fields of activity for an executive who had held multiple roles over time.We also achieved mutual non-disparagement, with inquiries focused on a particular officer, with a post exit meeting and talking points for future inquiries regarding the executive’ past performance and the circumstances of separation.

Severance Agreements For C-Level Executives

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