Subsidiary President of Pennsylvania Medical Device Company – Gender Discrimination, Wrongful Termination & Severance Pay Issues

Female executive facing gender discrimination and wrongful termination

As a Boston executive employment attorney, I have helped many clients in gender discrimination threatened termination and disparagement situations to safeguard my client’s professional reputation and negotiate the full and customized severance package appropriate to the circumstances.  One such representative case involved a female President and CEO of one of the subsidiary companies of a Pennsylvania based medical device company. Some of the highlights of this particular CEO client representation included:

Termination Press Conference – “She fired them”:  After a Sunday morning letter to the Board indicating attorney’s planned legal action for wrongful termination based on a pattern of blatant gender discrimination, the Board reversed course so that instead of firing the executive for Cause on Monday morning, the Board accepted the suggested plan to express its regrets for the female executive giving her two weeks’ notice to leave for personal reasons, issue a press release reciting her accomplishments and after that, negotiate privately  “appropriate” severance.

Executive Protection & Non-disparagement Deterrence:  Inclusion of strong anti-disparagement clauses in severance agreements, with substantial financial penalties if any of the sexist executives attempted any further “black ball” of the executive, and requirements for the company to institute anti-discrimination training and mentoring to protect other female executives in the organization.

Customized “Made Whole” Severance: Recognition of how badly gender discrimination harmed the executive by inclusion of special provisions on home, family, spouse, relocation costs and her attorney’s fees with tax gross-ups to try to make the executive “whole” with multiple years severance pay and benefits as well.

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