In my years as a Boston executive employment attorney, I have helped executives from around the country negotiate contracts that are designed to help them protect their compensation. One particular case involved the vice president of sales and marketing for a Florida telecommunications company. Some of the highlights of this particular C-level client representation included:
Duties to enhance industry visibility, career prospects: The employment contract was written to help provide expansive authority in a number of areas, which provided a wide platform for the executive to succeed on his own merits, and greater emphasis, permission and support for participation in trade shows and social media initiatives likely to enhance the executive’s visibility in the industry as well as the company’s.
Protection in bonus structure: Given the flux in the telecommunications market, we help protect the executive’s bonuses by providing a mix of fixed annual bonuses and performance-based bonuses on multiple criteria.
Tax election and SARs to increase value of equity: Given the executive’s belief that the company would increase in value due to his efforts, we were able to include a section 83(b) election over limited partner units he received, with the company sharing the immediate tax cost via stock appreciation rights, SARs, which sharing enabled the executive to achieve much greater immediate value as well as upside potential.

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