Reaping the Benefits of Your Own Success

When a company changes hands or changes leadership through a merger, acquisition or other event, the shareholders can benefit tremendously. However, the very people whose hard work led to the profitable change are often inadequately rewarded, in some cases even left out entirely and placed in a vulnerable position.

As a Boston employee retention agreement attorney, I assist C-Level and senior executives in retention and change of control situations making arrangements that protect them from harm and enable them to share in the benefits when corporate changes occur or are expected to occur. Contact me, a Massachusetts executive employee lawyer, at or call 617-875-8665.

Change of Control Agreements

A change of control (or change in control) agreement, or terms or arrangements within the employment agreement, address certain rights and privileges afforded to an executive when a company undergoes a significant change. Executive employment contracts often contain provisions related to executive compensation and bonuses, vesting of employee equity, and severance and termination language in the event of such changes.

While negotiating an advantageous, tax-optimized change of control agreement can be an important part of your employment arrangement, you may need the help of seasoned legal counsel to help you understand your options — and to overcome the objections of a board of directors or other authority. If structured correctly, a change of control agreement can avoid tax and securities law pitfalls and provide important additional compensation, benefits and protections to you over a desired period of time.

Retention Agreements

I offer significant experience in negotiating retention agreements that cover transitional periods when ownership or leadership changes have occurred or may occur, but when the services of an executive are being retained. When structured properly, such agreements document in detail what an executive’s responsibilities will be, what period of time or stage of transition will be covered, and what compensation and benefits will be granted in exchange — and as a result, they can provide key protection and equitable treatment to the executive.

Tip: Hire an experienced attorney early in the process so when you are offered the first term sheet, you have advice at the onset.

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Along with my legal skills, I also have an extensive body of tax knowledge that can help you derive the maximum amount of benefit from your employment agreement. Contact me, a Boston employment law attorney, at or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.

Reaping the Benefits of Your Own Success