A talented executive will do well to have proper severance terms in place so a smooth transition can occur if an employment situation becomes problematic or disadvantageous. As a Boston severance agreement attorney for CEOs and senior executives, I help my clients develop thorough exit strategies and keep their options open by making arrangements for the best possible outcomes. I also represent clients in severance negotiations in the event of threatened or actual employment termination and have the capability to handle termination litigation if needed to protect my clients’ rights.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Though companies often seek “at will” employment arrangements that favor them, better arrangements are usually possible for executive positions. My job is to make sure that you are adequately covered in the event of a problem or if a better opportunity calls for disengagement. I can help you develop and pursue severance agreements that prepare you for:

  • Termination of employment without cause
  • Negotiation of termination for cause, and the definition of “cause”
  • Negotiation of resignation terms — termination “for good reason”
  • Non-disparagement — preventing the company from damaging your reputation on departure
  • Self-triggered severance for “constructive termination”

Thorough Severance Agreements That Provide and Protect

When it comes to severance agreements, the severance package lawyer’s role is to empower you for success under any circumstances. To ensure that you land on your feet if you leave a position, I negotiate and develop thorough severance agreements that take into account every factor that will benefit and protect you, including severance packages with compensation and bonuses and employee equity arrangements, appropriate non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, remuneration and provisions for worst-case scenarios.

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Safeguarding Your Interests in the Event of Termination

My representation continues in the event the executive’s employment situation becomes difficult, you are threatened with termination, or if actual termination occurs and your rights require protection. I can negotiate terms to attempt to rectify a difficult situation or arrange an appropriate executive separation agreement from the company. I can also work with my firm’s litigators in the event we need to bring a lawsuit for wrongful termination. Wrongful termination may have arisen due to termination based on age, gender, racial or other discrimination, failure to make reasonable accommodations to a handicap, or retaliation from a legitimate exercise of rights by the executive, and we would then seek to vindicate your position and seek proper redress.

Tip: Be prepared to negotiate from the beginning — sometimes that term sheet will be the only executive employment agreement you get.

Contact a Severance Agreement Lawyer

Preparation is the key to a smooth transition. I can help protect your rights in the event of a termination. Contact Robert Adelson, a Boston severance attorney for CEOs, C-level and senior executives at or call 617-875-8665 to schedule an initial consultation.