Startup Executive Employment Attorney

You are a seasoned executive with a proven track record at several established companies in your industry. One day, you receive an offer to be CEO of a startup.

The startup CEO offer could be on the ground floor of a well-funded venture or perhaps to lead an up and coming startup to reach the next level.

It is an unusual opportunity, one that could put you in the driver’s seat of a market disruptor that might see rapid, even exponential growth rather than where you are now, a caretaker of an established enterprise with limited upside. It’s a challenge that can potentially be very rewarding.

Now you may be itching to join the glamour of the likes of Zuckerberg or Musk, but before you take up this intriguing offer, here are some items you should consider.  These items include key contract terms, equity terms and other considerations that you might also want to include in your contract.

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Suffice it to say that representing startup company CEO and C-level executives is one of my market niches in the executive employment field.  This comes from not just my work in contracts, employment and tax law, but also my long past experience with startup companies including my ten year period as Chair of Boston Entrepreneurs Network.

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